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Softball (SASL)

SASN World Cup : New Dates & Venue Announced

The SASN World cup will feature 8 national teams.

Event will feature 8 national teams.

South Asian Sports announces that the 3rd SASN World Cup of softball will be played on October 16th at Baldwin Park. The 8-10 team tournament will be the third in this edition.

The following teams are confirmed.

Afghanistan – led by Ahmad Halimi

Bangladesh – led by Anwar Sadat

Dominican Republic – led by Omar Hernandez

India – led by Rishi Rampal

Pakistan – led by Saad Yousuf

Philippines – led by Peter Santos and Harvey Harding Jr

USA – led by Charley Robinson

West Indies – led by Anthony Dindiyal and Wahid Hoosein

The league also announces that the tournament will have a new format going forward. “We will have a qualifier one year with as many teams as want to join and then have the World Cup the year after” said Ammad Sheikh the founder of the South Asian Sports Network. The goal is to involve as many communities as want to play in the tournament.

So we will have some type of format of this tournament every year going forward. This will allow us to accomodate more teams. We will be announcing the updated format for teams shortly!


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