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Young Guns Preview

Young Guns

Young Guns are sticking with their core this season. They made one of the biggest off-season moves, picking up Dan Diiorio from the Tigers (now Assassins). Young Guns showed great potential in the summer season last year after branching out from the Troopers, but fell short in playoffs in both summer and fall. 

The team full of young stars placed 2nd in the regular season last summer, but lost some games to middle-of-the-pack teams like the Ducks and No Limit (now DadBods). Young Guns did manage to get through the first round of playoffs, sweeping Hit Squad, but were then swept by the Tigers. However, this year, Dan is switching sides in that matchup. Will he be the difference maker when the teams face off again?

One of the biggest losses Young Guns suffered in the off-season was star player and one of the most aggressive baserunners in the league – Kyle Bacchus to injury. They also lost Amby and Majid, who both can hit and hit with power. If the young guys in Justus, Joshua, and Tyler have a breakout season, this roster can be very scary for the other teams. Stay tuned to see how many times Wahid yells at his 6 kids on the team. 



Dan Diiorio (10)

Chris Stefl (9)

Anthony Dindyal (6)

Joshua Abbensetts (5) 

Justus Acosta (5)

Saiful Ashraf (5)

Maury Rodriguez (4)

Dylan Hoosein (3)

Wahid Hoosein (3) 

Tyler Bhurasingh (3)

Adeel Razzaq (2)

Zohaib Haque (1)

Azfar Iman (1)


3 Questions with Captain Wahid Hoosein:

1) After branching out from the Troopers, Young Guns were a top team in the summer and fall last year, but came up short when it came down to playoffs. Do you think the changes you made in the off season will push you to a finals appearance or even a championship? 

Yes, I think we will definitely be a championship team. We’ve added Dan, one of the best players in SASL history. If we play our best, we are unbeatable. If we don’t play our best, we will still beat most teams. Our roster is mostly experienced baseball players and SASL veterans. We’ve gone all out this year. This is the year for Young Guns.


2) What do you expect to be your team’s strength in 2022? And what aspect of your team do you feel needs to be worked on?

Our team’s strength will be our lineup. There is no one on our team who will hurt our lineup. I believe we have the best lineup in the league and we will have the most runs scored this season. The only thing that would hurt us is errors, as it has in the past. We are also running an 11 man lineup, attendance is crucial. 


3) With a 56 point cap and 9 teams, how do you think the competition will be and who are your biggest threats? 

The competition will definitely be good as always. Our team has the most potential in the league with the players we have. If we are losing games, it would be because of our own mistakes, not any other teams being better than us.


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