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SAFL D1 Predictions: September 24th, 2022 | Cobra Kai vs Prime Time @ 10:30 am | Eisenhower Park

Cobra Kai (2-0) vs Prime Time (1-1)

East vs West here. What we mean is that the two teams couldn’t be more different. Prime Time gathers success with speed and athletic ability led by DJ, W, and Roach and a deep roster of guys with jets. Cobra Kai is known to be a highly experienced team fundamentally sound led by QB Yash with a high-scoring offense and a defense that is now ready to take the next step. Both of these teams can win it all. They can also lose in the first round of the playoffs.

Cobra Kai finally erased the curse last week and edged one out against the Gators. The talent on the team is evident. They needed a final drive to get the win highlighted by a huge play down the middle to Cal after squandering a 3 TDs lead. A final tip-ball at the end by Lionel sealed the long-awaited victory for CK. PT also won a tight one as the talent took over late against Floral Park and led them to victory by 6 points. The game was tight and PT seemed to right the ship a bit after week 1.

This is a toss-up. each team must use its own style of ball to pull it out. If Cobra Kai wants to win, they need to get the ball as much as possible and let Gerrel, Cal, and the boys win one on one matchups against this quick defense. If Prime Time wants to win, they need to run wild on the Cobra Kai’s defense and test the safeties deep trying to create separation. We have it coming down to an extra point in the end.


Cobra Kai 41

Prime Time 40

Cobra Kai takes on Prime Time @ 10:30 am in Eisenhower Park, Long Island, New York



The South Asian Flag Football League of Long Island and NYC (SAFL) is in its 12th season. For more information, visit

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