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Softball (SASL)

Dominican Republic

Win or lose the team that has the most fun. The music is blasting, the players are motivated and they always have a really talented roster. But, one way or another the team hasn’t been able to put it together. Is this the year? The team that Adrian and Omar have put together is super super talented. There is no doubt about that and in this year with the 8 teams in the field they have a real chance to win the qualifier. Omar seems healthy again and that will be a big difference for the Dominican team. Look for a big performance from Amby Cruceta and Joseph Rodriguez in this tournament.

Dominican Republic

Omar Hernandez
Adrian Polanco
Leonardo Cepeda
Louis Tejada
Mike Pedemonte
Victor Nunez
Maury Rodriguez
Amby Cruceta
Junior Diaz
Harold Rodriguez
Darwin Peralta
Joseph Rodriguez


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