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Softball (SASL)

Team Bangladesh

Captain Sami Hossain – aka the Sauce has been captaining the team the last 2 World Cups. Last World Cup the Bangladeshi team made a great run and were able to make it to the semi finals in the 2nd playoffs with some upset wins. The roster is missing some prominent players like Razi Hussaini and Saiful Ashraf who would have definitely made a big difference on this team. They do have some talent on the team with Sami, Fuad, and Nazmul who should be able to provide a veteran presence and will give some of the teams a tough time.


Sami Al Hossain
Fuad Mustafa
Mahdee Mustafa
Anas Ahmed
Nazmul Hasan
John Fallarino
Mustafa Haider
Zeshan Hamdani
Rafi Siddiq
Rasheed Siddiq
Eydid Ali
Adnan Ali
Tariq Siddiqi


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