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Softball (SASL)

Team India

Indian Flag

If there was ever a team in the tournament that has lofty expectations coming into each tournament it is team India.  They have one of the deepest talent pool in the League. They have some real guys who can take over a series. On the offensive side Sijo, Yamin and Amit Bhasin will be able to do a lot. This team also is bringing back Lejoe Endanattu who can be a major player on this team and can be a huge difference maker

Thomas Mathew – the captain of the team

Gotham Green
Yamin Patel
Sijo Jacob
Parvesh Kandhela
Pavan Bahl
Irfan Musliwala
Joel Enai
Ronak Jain
Sajid Kakkana
Lejoe Endanattu
Binu Nair
Amit Bhasin
Shawn Abraham
Jig Patel


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