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Softball (SASL)

Team Pakistan

Team Pakistan is one of the teams that have been so inconsistent in the World Cup. They finished near the bottom last year in the World Cup, but the year before were in the semi finals with a big win over India.  This team on paper seems to be a bit deeper but lacking the real homerun power that they need. Two notable additions are Bilal Khan and Ahmad Halimi who will bring some much needed pop and swag to the team.

Nabeel Haque
Naeem Bhalli
Asad Haque
Sajeel Haque
Zeeshan Shaikh
Nadeem Khan
Ali Ghumman
Aadil Bhutta
Faaud Bhutta
Asad Hamdani
Siddique Farooqi
Ayaz Dar
Billal Lateef
Haaris Din
Moiz Siddiqui
Usman Ghumman
Ahmad Halimi
Talha Ghumman


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