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Softball (SASL)

Team Philippines

If there was ever a team that you have seen getting better and better year after year. It is the Philippines. They started out getting shellacked in the first world cup but slowly but surely they have made major improvements. Players like Ray Lorenzo, Peter Santos, Randy Manalastas, and Jonathan Cayetano have really stabilized this team. We see this team making the biggest jump in the World Cup. Kudos to Harvey Harding who started this team and has helped really develop a solid team over the years.


Harvey Harding Jr.
Sean Villanueva
John DeCicco
Raymund Lorenzo
Peter Santos
Jason Paison
Randy Manalastas
Jaycee Serrano
Benny Suh
Erick Villanueva
David Whitmore
Vito Ciaccia
Luis Sanchez
Andrew Boyles
Freddy Maldonado
Jonathan Cayetano


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