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Football (SAFL)

SAFL Live Cast – Awards Announced!

Join Commissioner Burhan and Adam as they discuss the 2022 award nominees.

Special guests Rob Jones and videographer extraordinaire Ginny Singh.

The categories that were announced were the following

Division 1 Results were the following:

Most Valuable Player!

  1. Yasha Tehrani
  2. Carl Sartor
  3. Dean Emma, Joe Ponte

Offensive Player of the year!

  1. Cal Sartor
  2. Amneet Singh
  3. Phoenix Parker
  4. Anthony Lewis

Defensive Player of the year!

  1. Phillip McFarlane
  2. Kevin Amendoeira
  3. Rel James
  4. Pavit Singh

Rookie of the year!

  1. Joe Ponte
  2. Parrish Bennet
  3. Don Rickey Jr
  4. Phoenix Parker

Ironman Award!

  1. William Jacobs
  2. Philip McFarlane
  3. Parrish Bennet

Manager of the year!

  1. Yasha Tehrani
  2. Ramy Abdelhamid
  3. Joe Ponte
  4. Simarpreet Singh

Division 2 results that were announced by Burhan Gorgani were the following:

Most Valuable Player

  1. Jason Gregory
  2. Sohel Vaid
  3. Ryan Prashad
  4. Anthony DePalma

Offensive Player of the Year

  1. Robert Jones
  2. Earl Perry
  3. Isaiah Woodard
  4. Isaiah Taylor

Defensive Player of the Year

  1. Omar Melik / Isaiah Woodard
  2. Curtis Foerschner / Syed Haider / Soafhan Hassan

Rookie of the Year

  1. Ryan Prashad
  2. Isaiah Woodard
  3. Corey Weisald
  4. Shivanand Supersad

Ironman Award

  1. Robert Jones
  2. Haseeb Azhar / Tyler Dat
  3. Isaiah Woodard

Manager of the year D2:

  1. Sohel Vaid
  2. Burhan Gorgani
  3. Ryan Prashad



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