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About South Asian Sports

About South Asian Sports

  • Established in 2018 to create unity within the South Asian diaspora
  • Largest South Asian Sports League in North America
  • Database of over 1500 professionals and over 1000 active athletes
  • 4 Active Sports Leagues representing year round active participation
    • Softball
    • Basketball
    • Football
    • Bowling
    • Continually growing and bringing in new members
  • South Asian Portal website
  • Building water pumps around the world to help provide water to the most needy
    • Have currently built nearly 50 water pumps around the world
  • Aligning with the Domestic Harmony Foundation to have our particpants pledge to not engage in domestic violence

In addition to the sporting events the organization has been planning and executing events at Madison Square Garden with the Knicks, the Barclays center and the Net’s, World Wrestling Entertainment and more!  We have also done community events creating dialogue with the community and the local police department to build bridges and set up Disaster Relief training for the community to become the leaders and the back backbone of the community in the case of a natural disaster.

Our organizations goals


We recognize that our talent is in bringing the community together.  Creating opportunities for our players, participants and attendees to come and find a place away from the pressures of their daily stress at home or work.  We like to think of ourselves as your third place.  After your family and work, we become your third place, the place to relax and have fun.


Whether they are sports leagues, SASL All Star Day’s, booking suites and meeting the players for the Knicks or the Net’s, or going to watch WWE Wrestling.  We aim to create activities that our community members can enjoy and meet new people.


When you are playing our leagues and attending our events, you are meeting with like minded business professionals. From owners of public companies, to real estate moguls, to those that invest in start ups.  The South Asian Sports member base runs the gamut.  We want you to meet new people, we want you to network.  We believe that when people get together only good can fome from it.


We emphasize quality over quantity. Every player who joins our leagues or events learns about us from another current player. Our self policing model is to encourage our members to bring in like minded people.  We want those that are looking to actively contribute to the growth and what makes this league “the best” and “unique” than the best player! We have discussions with our sports officials on our cultural background, and they are respectful of our beliefs.  They are knowledgable.  We want this to be your safe place.

In other words we want you to become FANS.

The community has grown to over 1,000 athletes across all sports and has provided a fertile ground for league members to form meaningful friendships and networking opportunities.

For all media inquiries, please contact Ammad Sheikh (Founder, SA Sports) at [email protected].